"Accent Master is a highly efficient and effective tool for proper pronunciation. It is easy to use and will definitely enhance your speaking ability."
 - Florence Tse, Director of New York City's Port Of Entry Language Development Program

"I have reviewed many accent reduction programs and I have to say that Accent Master is among the best that are out there.  It covers all aspects of accent reduction from pronunciation of each sound through linking and intonation."
 - Frank Gerace, Ph.D., New York

"Accent Master helped me prepare for the TOEFL. The animated graphics and videos make it really clear how to make each sound. It was such a great help and fun to use."
 - Angela Delgado, Peru

"The customer service has been outstanding!"
 - Peter Petrov, California

"I had difficulty in making my friend Father Kireetam from India speak with an American accent. There were many complaints about his language. It has been a little more than a month that I have trained him with Accent Master. Last Sunday after the mass, people commented very positively that they were able to follow most of the things said. Thanks to Steve and [the] Accent master team for this great CD."
 - Father Arul, Kansas

"I am so much more confident when I talk to people."
 - MG, California 

"Awesome job, I have been looking for something like this for a long time!"
 - Nasser, Oregon

A Few Of Our Customers

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Maria Brito, New York City NY

Himanshu Patel, Las Vegas, NV

Naty, New York City, NY

Sylvain Faure, Huntington Beach CA

Olga Villafranca, Sacramento CA

Lina Pimiento, Missouls MT





"... the absolute best online course available."
 - Syed, Washington

"Lynn is a great teacher!"
 - Sabi, Florida

"I am so much more confident when I talk to people!"
 - Mieke, California

"Wow!  I can't believe how much this class helped me. I was even able to get a better job because of my new speaking skills."
  - Mei, Indiana

"Accent Master is more than a very convenient program for me. They are very very responsible and they have excellent people who are really committed with one's learning. I'm very proud of myself! I have accomplished a lot of goals so far with Accent Master's help.  I'm very happy with Accent Master but mostly with Kevin, my professor.
 - Olga, California

"I had a meeting today and ... [with] my mouth feeling softer when I talked I could be more relaxed and I can say it was the best meeting I have had in my career here in the USA."
  - Meleida, Texas

"The technology was easy. The class really helped my pronunciation."
 - Sul-kee, New York

"I feel more confident when I talk to people."
 - Naty, New York

"Accent Master is very helpful. I see improvement in myself. It teaches me something that I was not aware when I was speaking and now realize why native speakers had a hard time understanding me when I pronounced certain words. I spend 15 to 20 minutes 3 to 4 times weekly and will keep doing so until I feel confident.  Thank you Accent Master!!"
 - Sun Park, Wisconsin