Does your library serve a diverse community? Are you serving patrons who do not speak English as their native language? In our service and information focused economy communication has become a hallmark of success. Whether your patrons work in the service industries of restaurants, hotels or healthcare or in the information industries of technology, they need to be able to communicate clearly to succeed.

You can now offer interactive, customized software programs for prices that fit your budget. Patrons can learn pronunciation in a sheltered environment and break away from the barriers to success that an accent can often cause.




Our software programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the user. Each program contains specific information on the phonemic carry-over from the userís native language.

We offer a pro-edition which includes over 20 language backgrounds, as well as a general edition. The general edition is the entire phonemic system of English and is good for the languages that are not one of the ones included.

We also offer the option of buying just the languages that the majority of your patrons speak. For example you can purchase a program that teaches English pronunciation to people whose first language is Spanish, Portuguese, or Russian. You can purchase any number of languages and any combination.

Each computer that is licensed to use our software is permanently licensed. There are absolutely no additional fees.

Discounts begin at 2+ copies purchased.