Project Management
Each client will be assigned a project manager (separate from your instructor) who will be responsible for delivering the results you expect.


Accent Training Options
We look forward to working with you to identify your training objectives and to create a strategy which meets your goals and budget.



Call Centers

No matter where your call center is located we can help you train your staff. Intonation, pace and pronunciation are of paramount importance to your customers. Telephone communication skills will be perfected, with an economical and efficient approach to training.

Our array of services can be mixed and matched in order to best reach your staff.  Let Accent Master customize a solution for your call center's needs.



Webinars - Live and Interactive

No boring power point presentation with voice over. These webinars offer you live video, audio, and shared documents! Each training program incorporates your organizations vocabulary and common phrases at every opportunity. Reduce the frustration in your workplace and increase the productivity, effectiveness and understanding. Call for details on packages or to customize one to suit your needs.

Accent Master Software

Our software is customized making it the most effective and efficient program available. Purchase just the languages you need for your staff. It is one time only investment, no annual, user or set up fees.

Guided Self Study

This program will keep your staff on track. Included is an evaluation with a written report, to highlight the areas that need improvement, an outline including which sections of the software to cover each week, carry-over exercises to be completed each week, and a final evaluation to estimate their improvement in the course.


If you have several participants in one location or in locations of close proximity we will be happy to work onsite with you. Training will be delivered in either group of individual settings based on your employees needs. The program is structured using the clients content and Accent Masters core curriculum. Assessment of client needs will be conducted and a targeted training program will be developed to deliver the results your company expects.


Pre and post course assessments can be added to any of our offerings. The assessment will assign an amount of improvement in %. Full reports of each client’s skills can also be requested.