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In an increasingly global work place issues in fluent communication arise. Frustration on the part of your knowledgeable and valued employees and their colleagues as well as a loss in productivity may occur. Accent Master can assist you by providing meaningful and long term changes in their English pronunciation and fluency. Our core curriculum will be adapted to meet your organizations content and specific interactions. Below you will find some of our standard packages, however we pride ourselves on our flexibility of delivery and structuring of training. We are able to provide webinar training, and onsite training in addition to the standard packages. Please call for more information.  

"Initially, when I chose Accent Master to provide English fluency training for a group of our electrical engineers, it was because Accent Master offered far more flexibility than their competitors. However, it became rapidly clear that not only are the instructors truly experts in their field and have a sincere desire to impart knowledge and see others do well; but that they have a variety of innovative ideas and tools that are practical enough to use immediately in the “real world.” Our employees’ growth and improvement are clear. Accent Master does incredible work and we have every intention of becoming a repeat customer."
Linda Ontiveros
Sr. Manager, Training and Organizational Development
InterDigital Communications, LLC


If you have several participants in one location or in locations of close proximity we will be happy to work onsite with you. Training will be delivered in either group of individual settings based on your employees needs. The program is structured using the clients content and Accent Masters core curriculum. Assessment of client needs will be conducted and a targeted training program will be developed to deliver the results your company expects.

Private Instruction

Our web conferencing classes are intense programs that are best for groups of 1-3 participants. The training is highly customized and raises overall clarity of speech. Pre and post evaluations are provided to track progress in the course work. A detailed objective list will be generated based on the evaluation and interview of the client. The client will receive pre-recorded video and audio lessons and practice drills between training sessions. Classes include software and workbooks.

Webinars - Live and Interactive

No boring power point presentation with voice over. These webinars offer you live video, audio, and shared documents! Each training program incorporates your organizations vocabulary and common phrases at every opportunity. Reduce the frustration in your workplace and increase the productivity, effectiveness and understanding. Call for details on packages or to customize one to suit your needs.

Guided Self Study

This program will keep your staff on track. Included is an evaluation with a detailed written report. The report will highlight the strengths and weakness in English pronunciation and fluency. Each employee will receive an outline including which sections of the software to cover each week, carry-over exercises to be completed each week, and a final evaluation to estimate their improvement. Additional goals can be incorporated to meet the companies communication goals: including listening skills, vocabulary building, social language behavior.


Accent Master pro-edition software contains over 20 different language backgrounds. This software is a one- time only investment, with no annual, user or set up fees.

Telephone Evaluation

One of our experts will record your voice over the phone during an extensive evaluation.  The instructor will then analyze the recording and provide you with a detailed written report.

Presentation Pronunciation & Delivery

Do you have a speech or a presentation you want to prepare for? A linguistic expert will work with you to improve your delivery and make sure that you give a perfect presentation.


Pre and post course assessments can be added to any of our offerings. The assessment will assign an amount of improvement in %. Full reports of each client’s skills can also be requested.









Accent Training Options
We look forward to working with you to identify your training objectives and to create a strategy which meets your goals and budget.


We Deliver Globally!
Web-cameras make live, real-time training a reality wherever you are.

Of course if you prefer we can come to you. For prices and scheduling please call our New York City office at 1.888.US.ACCENT or 1.718.715.0706.