Record Yourself
It is very important to record yourself speaking and to compare your recordings to a model speaker's recording.  


How To Record Yourself
The easiest way to record yourself is with the Accent Master software.

If you don't have our software you can use the built-in Windows Sound Recorder. You can find it by going to: "Start" - All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Sound Recorder".


If you are unable to record yourself with the Windows Sound Recorder, try these steps.

1) Make sure your microphone is plugged in to correct port.

2) Go to the Windows Control Panel and go to "Sound" or "Sounds and Audio Devices" (depending on your version of Windows) and make sure that your microphone volume is turned up and that the microphone is not muted.  



Verb and Noun Contrast


Video Instruction

Please be patient while the video loads.



Audio Examples

contest contest
desert desert
increase increase
object object
permit permit
rebel rebel
suspect suspect




conflict conflict
contract contract
contrast contrast
convert convert
incline incline
insert insert
insult insult
progress progress
project project
protest protest
record record
survey survey




Print and review the following paragraph. Mark the stress where you think it will fall. Listen to my reading. After you have listened, you try reading the paragraph while recording yourself; remember to stress the syllables accordingly. 


Sometimes, there is a conflict of interest between parents and teenagers. Young people feel the need to rebel, to become separate individuals in their own right. Parents often feel such conduct is not appropriate, especially when their sons or daughters isolate themselves from the family, or when they insult their elders. Young people advocate that they be permitted to set their own limits and not be obligated to follow their parents “rigid” ideas. However, most parents still prefer to exercise some control over their children until they graduate from high school. Perhaps children should feel fortunate to have parents who are willing to guide their offspring at the risk of losing their affection.