Accent Trainers

Fresh materials add a fresh perspective to your current program.


Finding outstanding resources for your clients is what sets you apart. Now you can offer Accent Masterís interactive software program to your clientele, giving them hours of practice in a sheltered learning environment. Accent Masterís software will reinforce your lessons and provide your clients with an easy means of recording samples for your class.


We offer a pro-edition, perfect for your office. Accent Masterís pro-edition includes over 20 language backgrounds, and a general edition. Each program focuses on the sounds most commonly affected by carry-over from their native language. In addition there are many tips directed specifically to the sound substitution they are using so they can quickly identify what changes they need to make in order to approximate the English production of the sound.


All editions of our software programs have discounts beginning at just 2 copies! Bringing high tech solutions to your clients has never been easier. Our program is easy to install and we have very knowledgeable technical support who are here to help.


We offer incentives for those who would like to become re-sellers.


If you are interested in becoming an instructor with Accent Master or in becoming a re-seller please call our office for more information 718 715-0706 or email us with a time and phone number which we can reach you.