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Our commitment to you

Accent Master is committed to your successful achievement of clear communication. We have combined traditional, proven therapy techniques with the best of todayís technology to help you improve your spoken English skills in the most efficient, engaging and sensible method so you can achieve your personal and professional communication goals.



We respond to our customers!

Our clients have told us that they either had no or very little training in how to speak English in any of their ESL classes. This is amazing being that speaking is the number one way people communicate with each other! We were disappointed in the lack of technology used in teaching accent reduction when interactive technologies are available and easy to use. Our last surprise came when we found out that all of the classes and programs available treated every accent like they are the same!


These revelations led us to develop our interactive, fun and effective classes and programs. Our classes and software programs focus on how the sound system and rhythm of your native language are affecting your English pronunciation. This focus on customizing all of our products and services means faster and better results for you.



Traditional, Proven Techniques, With The Best of Todayís Technology



The traditional media previously available such as books and audio are single dimensional donít allow interactive practice. Accent Master's dual goals of providing customized programs and interactive technology resulted in our outstanding line of Accent Master software programs, offering over 17 different editions.


Video Conference Calling

Accent Master has the most experience in providing live, private and small group training via web-camera conference calling. This convenient delivery of services allows each client to take the class on a highly flexible schedule right from their home or office. Accent Master is proud of its well Ėtrained instructors operating across the country, who are using this technology with great success.


Instructional Videos

Accent Master uses its own private recording studio to develop instructional videos highlighting features of spoken English and additional practice. These in-depth videos increase the amount of instructional time each client receives per week. Increased instructional time translates into easier acquisition of each skill and a more efficient learning process.



Accent Master is a family owned business. Lynn Bo is a speech therapist who has worked in the field of pronunciation for 19 years and has been working in the field of accent reduction (or spoken English skills) for 10 of those years.  Lynn has worked extensively with clients from a long list of countries and professional backgrounds. Her client list includes lawyers, doctors, VPís, preachers, managers, entrepreneurs, accountants and dentists to name a few of the professional backgrounds of her clients. She has experience working with clients from over 50 countries.


Steve Bo who is married to Lynn, has brought the high tech edge to Accent Master. He is a software engineer who previously worked in the space industry. He currently has satellites in orbit that are operating on the programs he wrote. Now he devotes his efforts to brining high tech solutions to accent training. With his expertise in technology he creates a learning experience that is intelligent, simple and flexible.



Lynn is our lead instructor and instructor trainer. Our additional trainers have all been personally trained by Lynn and have extensive backgrounds in ESL or speech pathology. All possess a level of technical skill that allows them to successfully run video conferencing classes with ease.