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"Excuse me"
"Can you repeat that?"
"I'm sorry I didn't understand"

Do you hear these comments too often?

Then it's time to learn English pronunciation. You will be speaking with confidence knowing that your accent is no longer distracting from your message.

Enroll in a class now and see improvements immediately! Make the most of your life and career don't just be heard, be understood!


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Outstanding Products and Services
for Accent Reduction


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Why Accent Master? Proven Results

Because we are the best in accent reduction.

Accent Master is the only program offering customized software.


Accent Master offers you the most choices including:

  • Instruction available nationally & internationally

  • Private & small group classes

  • Video conferencing technology

  • Customized software

  • Guided self study programs

  • On site workshops

  • Train the trainer sessions

  • Evaluations

  • Presentation assistance

  • Video lessons

  • Webinars

All these choices means that there is a

program that is right for your needs and goals.


Call us now to enroll.


Accent Master's accent reduction software was proven effective in an independent study.

Accent Reduction - Proven Results

Putra University, Malaysia


Accent Master's software was the subject of a research study at a leading international university in Asia.  The study titled, "The use of Scaffolding-Based Software in Developing Pronunciation and Fluency" was conducted in 2006 by Anahita Farzanfar.


Amazing results!  After only 6 weeks participants reduced their sounds in error  by 72%! 

Proving that with the right information and some practice, learning the American English sound system is possible.


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